Aluminum Ceiling Screen Panel Manufacture In China

Aluminum Ceiling Screen Panel Manufacture In China
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Screen ceiling series:

Features: this is a decorative ceiling with adjustable indoor visual height, and can hide all ducts and other facilities at the bottom of the building. The hanging ceiling is composed of aluminum alloy plate and keel, which is flexible in mounting and dismounting. The conventional products have three different heights of 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. The distance between 100mm, 125mm and 150mm is fixed on the keel. Available in a variety of colors.

Installation method of hanging ceiling:

1. The horizontal line should be well drawn according to the required horizontal height, and the vertical and horizontal lines should be well drawn.

2. Hoisting the light steel keel (38 or 50 keel) according to the contract spacing, the general spacing is 1-1.2 meters, and the distance of the boom is distributed according to the stipulation of the light steel keel.

3. Place the hanger rod preloaded on the keel, together with the hanging strip keel, under the light steel keel. The spacing of the hanging strip keel is generally 1 meter.

4. Hang the hanging ceiling on the keel in order.


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