China Waterproof Moisture-proof Fireproof Corrosion Resistance Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Boat Manufacture

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Product Details

Dibo brand aluminum honeycomb board with 3003 as base and bottom plate, plus a two-component glue, hexagonal honeycomb as core and finished by vacuum compounded.
Aluminum honeycomb plate has the advantages of low density, sound insulation,heat insulation, non combustible material, with grade A2 fireproof , waterproof, moisture-proof, no harmful gas release, high specific stiffness, not easy to deformation, high flatness, good anti-seismic performance.
1)Fireproof: aluminum plate is non combustible material.
(2) Corrosion resistance: aluminum honeycomb board surface is treated by epoxy fluorocarbon, with strong corrosion resistance. Salt spray for 48 hours without pinhole, crack, not foaming.
(3) Environmental protection: honeycomb board is pure aluminum products, not volatilize any harmful gas, no radioactive and recyclable completely, environmentally friendly products.
(4)Easy to install and dismantle: because of its light weight, transport convenient and can be transported to different places multiple times. This is the other partition board can't compare with.

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