Lightweight Aluminum Honeycomb Panel For The Exterior Façade

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Product Details

Material: Aluminum alloy 

Color:  Any RAL colors are avaliable

Recommend size: Customized

Surface Treatment: powder coated, PVDF,Anodized

 High Strength-to-weight ratio 
- Fire resistant 
- Corrossion resistant 
- Excellent flatness


1) Aluminum Alloy Type: 3003

2) Foil Thickness (mm): 0.06

3) Cell Side Length (mm): 4, 7, 12, 15

4) Cell Size (mm): 6.93, 12.56, 20.78, 25.98

5) We can manufacture the core with or without perforation in various forms: Unexpanded Block, Unexpanded Slice, Expanded Slice

Applications: Sandwich panels, Building cladding panels, Commercial vehicle panels, Railway floors, doors and interior panels, Energy absorbers, Ceiling panels, Flow straighteners for air or fluids, Heat exchangers, Light collimation, Boathulls and interior panels and furnitures.