Marble Honeycomb Panel

Marble Honeycomb Panel
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High strength: high strength pressure changeable form could meet the requirements of high-rise building wind resistance.

Heat and sound insulation: Because there is no convection between the air for the structure of the aluminum honeycomb unit space, the plate has a good heat insulation and moistureproof.At the same time, With the complex plate structure, it has a good sound insulation function to achieve good effect to reduce noise. Furthermore, aluminum honeycomb panel is also a very good fireproof decorative materials.

Corrosion resistance: aluminum honeycomb plate is epoxy fluorocarbon treatment on the surface with strong corrosion resistance. It is Salty fog spray 48 hours without pinhole, no crack and no bubbles.


external walls, floor, window sill, porch, desktop, present, and so on.

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