Factory Of Aluminum Perforative Mashrabiya Panel

Factory Of Aluminum Perforative Mashrabiya Panel
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Product Details

 Aluminum Arabic mashrabiya sheet

Features of our aluminum mashrabiya product:

  • The aluminum Arabic mashrabiya sheets are very light and prefabricated, so you can quickly install them and finish the building easily.

  • With PVDF coating, the mashrabiya sheets are very well weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant and discoloration-resistant. This helps the building to stay durable color and clean look.

  • The perforated aluminum mashrabiya panels are fixed with anchor bolts in strong system, this gives the building with very good impact strength and anti-shock of earthquake.

  • Aluminum mashrabiya not only is a environment-friendly material but also is a recyclable material.

We are a  manufacturer come from China and because we have our own factory with long time experience so we have very competitive prices for our product.Want to know more and please don't hesitate to contact us.

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