Aluminum Mashrabiya Design Decorative Panel

Aluminum Mashrabiya Design Decorative Panel
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Aluminum mashrabiya design decorative panel

The Perforated decorative mashrabiya design panel and sheet can be used in many different places, such as wall cladding, false ceilings, separate partitions and decorate etc.

Our metal mashrabiya design perforated screens are with a easy to assemble design, light, economic and extremely flexible to guarantee innovative architectural solutions.The material used is 100% recyclable.

The color is not just a simple coating but it’s designed to offer special aesthetics effects making any project more valuable. Besides having all the colors of the Ral, also offers customized and unique colors with innovative effects. The powder coatings applied are high resistance and non-toxic.The perforted mashrabiya panel has favorable anti-bending and wind pressure, and exert its advantages. The product can also use for second development. Aluminum single plate is high, high intensity, water-proof, corrosion resistance, good for processing, low maintaining cost, long service life. The mashrabiya design perforated as curtain wall can be assembled with glass curtain wall for different structure to make building with more luxury and noble style.

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