Perforated Aluminium Sheet Facade Cladding Building Materials

Perforated Aluminium Sheet Facade Cladding Building Materials
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Product Details

The perforated aluminum plate refers to a plate-like material having a rectangular shape and a rectangular shape with a uniform cross section and a uniform thickness (shear or sawing) by a pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material. Perforated aluminum plate is used as a decorative board, which is beautiful and generous. Made into a variety of utensils, corrosion-resistant, sturdy and durable, made of kitchen supplies to withstand high temperatures, has a wide range of applications in life.

Metal Properties Aluminum is a metal with high ductility, low density and good electrical conductivity. It is easy to produce a bright space effect in the application of building skin. It reflects the image and color of the surrounding environment. Compared with the transparency of the glass and the opacity of the metal sheet, the perforated aluminum sheet achieves a translucent effect between the two, which can form a yarn-like sensation and lightness, enriching the expression of the building skin.


Decorative Living Room, Hotel,  Bar, etc.

Indoor and outdoor public space backdrop, Elevator cabin, handrail,living room, background wall, ceiling, Kitchen equipment.

Specially for bar,club,KTV,hotel,bath center,villa,shopping mall.


1.Easy to install Wall Cladding

2.Up and down can add color light will improve the performance

3.Good whiteness,transparency, refractivity and hardness

4.No pollution or radiation to the environment 

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