Building Exterior Aluminum Plain Facade

Building Exterior Aluminum Plain Facade
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building exterior aluminum plain facade

Because the aluminum alloy facade panel have many perfect characteristics as building decorative material and they are more and more popular use in many countries.

  •  light weight.Compare to stainless steel,stone or marble these common wall cladding aluminum plain facade have a much lighter weight, at the same time aluminum wall panel could be made and reach the same looking as these material.

  • easy to make shapes. Aluminum alloy could be soft which is a very good charateristic for making it into different required shapes.

  • anti-corrosive and long-time use. Aluminum exterior plain wall cladding facade would be anti-corrosive which could make them be having a very long time use.

  • Color choose free. Power coating or PVDF as the exterior plain wall cladding which means the product could be customized and color choose free.

  • Recycled. The wall cladding is made from 100% aluminum alloy and so the product is recycled.

Some photos about the exterior wall panels for you to see.

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