Building Materials Facade Cladding Aluminum Curtain Wall

Building Materials Facade Cladding Aluminum Curtain Wall
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Product Details
  • Brand Name: DIBO

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy

  • Size: As customer's requirements

  • Application: Office building, hospital, hotel, hotel,House else commercial Buildings

  • Shape: 1,Semi-circle 2,Rectangle 3,Arch 4,Special Shape

  • Type: Visible/Invisible frame glass curtain wall;Unitized glass curtain wall ;Point supported curtain wall

  • Color: Clear/Transparent,white,bronze,blue,gray,green,dark green,F-green,sapphire blue,ocean blue,brown etc

  • 1)Application: Office buildings,Hospitals,Hotels,Apartment,Houses and others commercial buildings with heating or cooling requirements

  • 2)For use in airport control towers ,train windows and other applicatons near airports or highways and railways which required for sound insulation properties



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