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Al Veneer Design Common Considerations

Feb 22, 2017

1. glass back aluminum panel and glass need to be kept at arm's length to avoid too close aluminum veneer when rapid changes in temperature cause the glass (tempered glass in particular) deform or burst. If the design space is not allowed to consider vented aluminum veneer, reducing the temperature difference between inside and outside the Chamber.
2. aluminum sheet surface treatment needs lifting hole.
Aluminum sheet enclosure
3. work in welding and spraying process prone to thermal deformation even explosions, should be avoided in the design. If it is necessary to use the closed cavity effect should opening hole exhaust in inconspicuous locations, this hole can also be used for lifting.
4. aluminum sheet if you need surface treatment should be indicated in the drawings decorative surface, such as the direction indicating the direction you want.
temperature there is no guarantee that exactly the same, can also cause color appears.