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Aluminum Air Conditioner Cover Multi-channel Forming Process

Aug 29, 2017

Aluminum Air Conditioner Cover Multi-channel forming process

Aluminum alloy cover production by arc cutting, punching, bending, rolling, welding, grinding, assembly and so on multichannel molding process make the product appear all sorts of geometry, the company owns AMADA fully automatic CNC punch press, such as can easily implement all kinds of complex type plate processing, so as to maximize meet the demands of construction and modelling, fully express the creative thinking of the architectural design.

After the forming of aluminum sheet, using German technology and pretreatment into liquid, and the formation of dense oxide film, and then to strict surface fluorine carbon spraying, company stop using the full range of Japan's automatic electrostatic spraying equipment, paint, paint, the paint coat all automatic spray gun, computer control spraying flow rate and scope, ensure that aluminum plate surface film thickness uniformity, beautiful, the company adopts Italy baked road design and special equipment, to ensure scientific and precise temperature curve. After the high temperature roasting, the molecular structure of fluorocarbon resin can be fully played, so that the surface can resist the external climate for a long time, and keep it clean as new and more durable.

The outdoor air conditioner is long hanging outdoor, weather and rain, wind and dust, easy to rust and dust, seriously affect the normal service life of the air conditioner. If the protection is bad, the dust also enters, the exhaust aluminum film or motor and the external machine, the aluminum plate behind it can also cause the heat dissipation, the shell is easy to corrode. Aluminium alloy air conditioning cover is designed to protect the air conditioner and air conditioner, beautify the residential buildings and beautify the appearance of buildings

1. It will not be affected by strong wind.

2. The air conditioner is self-cleaning and can be cleaned automatically with the rain.

3. High strength, easy to install, beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation, strong and durable characteristics.

4. The design is unique, which is conducive to the protection of air conditioning by air conditioner, which can be used to prevent theft, waterproof and sun protection.

5, the mounting holes bonnet outdoor air conditioning is waist type hole, is advantageous to the bonnet outdoor air conditioning installation, at the same time in the interior of the waist type hole, using the up and down through an extra integral reinforcement, fastening and rivet, make the waist type hole thickness to 5 mm, greatly guarantee the quality of the bonnet outdoor installing air conditioning.

6. The main structure of the air conditioner's outdoor enclosure shall be made of an entire aluminum alloy sheet metal sheet metal plate of 2.5 mm according to the size of the air conditioner, and the air conditioner shall be reinforced with reinforcing bars at the corner. And in the middle of the air conditioning bonnet outdoor internal was also adopted to strengthen to reinforce, monolithic structure greatly increase the strength of the bonnet outdoor air conditioning, can effectively extend the service life of air conditioning machine outside!

7, the hollow out of large area is conducive to the flow of air, make the bonnet outdoor air conditioning with air conditioning machine heat barrier factors to a minimum, at the same time reduce the force of wind on the bonnet outdoor air conditioning, enhances the bonnet outdoor air conditioning wind resistance.