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Aluminum Flat Solid Panel Natural Attributes

Jun 14, 2017

Aluminum Flat Solid Panel Natural attributes

1, natural attributes

Aluminum is a light metal, its compounds are widely distributed in nature, the crust of aluminum content of about 8% by weight, second only to oxygen and silicon, with a third place. In the metal varieties, second only to steel, for the second category of metal. Aluminum has a special chemical and physical properties, is one of the most commonly used industrial metals, not only light weight, texture, and has good ductility, conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and nuclear radiation resistance, is the national Economic development of the important basis of raw materials.

The specific gravity of aluminum 2.7, the density of about 1/3 of the general metal. The commonly used aluminum wire conductivity of about 61% of copper, thermal conductivity of silver half. Although pure aluminum is very soft and rich in ductility, but still reliable cold processing and made of alloy to make it hardened. Bauxite is an important source of aluminum, making a pound of alumina requires about two pounds of bauxite, and the manufacture of a pound of aluminum also requires two pounds of alumina.

2, aluminum varieties classification

According to the main components of aluminum ingot content can be divided into three categories: high grade aluminum (aluminum content of 99.93% -99.999%), industrial high purity aluminum (aluminum content of 99.85% -99.90%), industrial pure aluminum (aluminum content of 98.0% -99.7%).

3, the quality of aluminum standards

The quality of aluminum ingot must meet the GB / 1196-1993 standard. Among them, AL99.80 and AL99.70 aluminum content shall not be less than 99.80 and 99.70. According to national standards (GB / T1196-93) should be called "remelting with aluminum ingots", but we used to accustomed to "aluminum ingots." It is produced by electrolysis with alumina-cryolite. Aluminum ingots into industrial applications after there are two categories: cast aluminum and deformation of aluminum alloy. Cast aluminum and aluminum alloy is a casting method to produce aluminum castings; deformation aluminum and aluminum alloy is produced by pressure processing aluminum processing products: plate, belt, foil, tube, rod, type, wire and forgings. According to the national standard for remelting aluminum ingots, "remelting aluminum ingots are divided into six grades according to the chemical composition, namely Al99.85, Al99.80, Al99.70, Al99.60, Al99.50, Al99.00" (Note: Al after the figures are aluminum content). At present, someone called "A00" aluminum, in fact, aluminum is 99.7% pure aluminum, in the London market called "standard aluminum". We all know that our technical standards in the fifties from the former Soviet Union, "A00" is the Soviet Union national standard in the Russian grade, "A" is the Russian alphabet, rather than the English "A" word, nor is the Chinese phonetic alphabet "A". And international standards, said, "standard aluminum" more accurate. Standard aluminum is 99.7% aluminum aluminum ingots, registered in the London market is it.

4, the main purpose of aluminum

For nearly 50 years, aluminum has become one of the most widely used metals in the world. In the construction industry, due to the stability of the air in the air and the anode after the excellent appearance of the application; in the aviation and defense industry departments also extensive use of aluminum alloy materials; in the power transmission is often used in high-strength steel Reinforced aluminum; in addition, automobile manufacturing, container transport, daily necessities, household appliances, machinery and equipment require a lot of aluminum.

With the rapid development of the national economy, China has gradually become a "global processing base", steel, nonferrous metals and other basic industries to flourish, in recent years, electrolytic aluminum production soared, making China the world's largest aluminum producer.