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Application Of Aluminum Honeycomb Board In Railway Vehicles At Home And Abroad

Oct 24, 2017

Aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used as an important lightweight material in the aerospace industry, and have been widely used in foreign railway vehicles. Their use is quite extensive, such as the French TGV series and the Italian ETR series high speed train. Domestic only in recent years began to use aluminum honeycomb panels, although achieved some results, its scope of application is still very limited, the characteristics of honeycomb sandwich materials and application of the scope of the need to be further strengthened and expanded.

Aluminum honeycomb panels are made of aluminum honeycomb core material and the surface material of the composite material, in summary, aluminum honeycomb panels have the following basic characteristics:

(1) light weight, high strength, especially bending rigidity, the same quality aluminum honeycomb board bending stiffness of about 5 times the aluminum alloy.

(2) has a very high surface flatness and high temperature stability, easy to shape and not easy to deformation, aluminum honeycomb panels can not only be made of flat panels, and can be made into a hyperbolic, single panel, made of vehicle parts after disassembly Convenience.

(3) excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and environmental adaptability, can be adapted to the railway EMU and bus harsh use of the environment; In addition, according to the needs of such plates can be used surface painting or surface paste fire board treatment, to Good decorative, fireproof.

(4) unique resilience, can absorb vibration energy, with good sound and noise reduction effect.

(5) high fire rating, to meet the international fire safety standards UIC564-2-199l "railway passenger cars or international use of similar vehicles in the fire and fire rules" in the A-level requirements.

(6) After the fire, the smoke density conforms to the high-grade international railway fire protection standard, has good self-extinguishing property; low heat value, can form a refractory layer, can reduce the release of smoke and toxic gases, with excellent environmental performance The

(7) excellent molding manufacturing process, to meet the railway vehicle interior parts of the complex shape, high stability requirements.

In foreign countries, the French TGV series and the Italian ETR series of high-speed trains, very early use of honeycomb sandwich structure composite materials to produce car wall panels and roof, followed by many European railway vehicle manufacturing enterprises using aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturing railway vehicle zero Parts, the scope of application throughout the interior structure of the side wall panels, the roof, between the wall panels, flooring, inside and outside the door door and luggage racks and other spare parts. Among them, Italy in the application of aluminum honeycomb panels relative to the lead, Italy has long been the use of aluminum honeycomb panels to create complex shape of the luggage rack and curved window with the inner wall and other structural parts.

In the country, the earliest application of aluminum honeycomb board is to create 25A type soft sleeper bus compartment between the wall, because the manufacturing technology is not in place, the application effect is not very satisfactory. And thus failed to continue in the subsequent 25 bus to promote the application. At the end of the 20th century, due to the development of the EMU in the process of reducing the weight of the vehicle higher, first in the domestic EMU prototype car using aluminum honeycomb panels made of wall, flat roof and door panels, and achieved good results. Subsequently, a large area of the application of the aluminum honeycomb panels, was not only the use of aluminum aluminum honeycomb panels made of the wall, flat roof, under the equipment cabin floor and a variety of door panels. Also used aluminum honeycomb panels to create air-conditioning duct and air conditioning unit shroud, which to ask the wall, flat roof, air conditioning duct and air conditioning unit shroud application of the most significant effect, both to significantly reduce the relevant parts of the Quality, to achieve the overall lightweight vehicle, but also improve the manufacturing accuracy and quality of parts, thereby improving the quality of the vehicle manufacturing. However, the real use of aluminum honeycomb panels to achieve a breakthrough or CRH series EMU. The breakthrough here is mainly reflected in two aspects:

(1) The use of aluminum honeycomb panels in the CRH EMUs creates a wall panel with complex shapes, manufacturing tolerances and high quality requirements, which can only be used in the manufacture of planar structures or only in one direction Bending parts of the design concept, so that its application to break through the interior floor, between the wall, a variety of interior and exterior doors and air conditioning system, such as air duct application range.

(2) The use of aluminum honeycomb panels in the CRH EMUs creates a luggage rack that is not only complex in shape but also has a high load and wear resistance, breaking the tradition that aluminum honeycomb panels can not be used to make important components Design concept, so that its scope of application extended to a new field, so that the domestic aluminum honeycomb board application technology into a new stage.

With the deepening of the process of localization of CRH series EMU in recent years, China has been able to use aluminum honeycomb board molding processing technology to create complex parts of the shape, in the aluminum honeycomb molding and manufacturing applications to achieve a higher level. However, in order to further improve the level of application of aluminum honeycomb panels and improve the rationality, maturity and reliability of the design and manufacture of components, it should also be the characteristics and applicability of aluminum honeycomb panels, application design methods, manufacturing processes and specific manufacturing Methods and means to further strengthen the study, and truly grasp the characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panels and application design methods to further expand the scope of application of aluminum honeycomb panels to promote further reduction of railway vehicles.