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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Analysis Of The Attributes Of The Industry

Sep 07, 2017

 aluminum honeycomb panel Analysis of the attributes of the industry

Mature industry is our first impression of the aluminum veneer industry, in fact, a huge market to determine the status quo of the industry or opportunities and challenges coexist. The whole aluminum honeycomb industry prospects can be described as a good, we should also pay attention to good, industry problems and difficult challenges may be in its development in the breeding ground.

From the industry's own property analysis, which in itself is a new industry, although already have a very high level of equipment and technology, but the industry's cohabitation, the manufacturers of good and bad or to the industry caused some adverse effects, which also made the market Quality is difficult to guarantee the low price of goods and high quality commodity prices, thus losing the advantages of poor competition status. This is no way to change the words, we will face the future of aluminum honeycomb enterprises in the development of the biggest problems will have a more serious competitive environment this point.

  Many large-scale professional aluminum honeycomb board production enterprises in the external competitive environment is becoming increasingly harsh, the internal competitive environment is very difficult to prevent the case, also began to sort out the high-end manufacturers survival strategy, adhere to the high-end line, technology to open up, innovation as the lead, adhere to the industry bottom line is not Relax. These enterprises with excellent quality rather than low prices to conquer the market, to participate in competition, with a solid reputation, which is the hope of the industry as a whole. Although the color of the aluminum honeycomb panel can be arbitrarily selected and the color of the aluminum-plastic plate is small. Although the life of the aluminum honeycomb panel is much longer than that of the aluminum-plastic plate, the deformation resistance of the aluminum honeycomb panel is better than that of the aluminum- Wind pressure deformation, although the aluminum honeycomb board construction process is also much simpler than the aluminum-plastic plate, and aluminum honeycomb board cost is higher than the aluminum-plastic plate, while aluminum honeycomb board easy to recover the fire will not pollute the environment and aluminum Once the fire will produce toxic gases caused by air pollution.

     It can be seen that aluminum honeycomb panels are more suitable for human applications than aluminum-plastic panels. However, according to expert analysis, the application of the product is not only from its performance, but also depends on the factors such as the market and the price. In the current decorative materials, aluminum honeycomb panels instead of aluminum-plastic plate is unlikely.

First of all, from the cost point of view, the price of aluminum-plastic plate is tens of dollars per square, while the price of aluminum honeycomb board is several times the aluminum-plastic plate, few customers can afford this high price.