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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Composite Board Product Line

Aug 03, 2017

 aluminum honeycomb panel Composite board product line

What is honeycomb aluminum? Honeycomb aluminum plate is a combination of aviation industry composite honeycomb technology and the development of metal composite panel product line. The product uses "honeycomb sandwich" structure, that is, the surface coating excellent weather resistance of the decorative coating of high-strength aluminum alloy as the surface, the bottom plate and aluminum honeycomb core made of high temperature and pressure composite composite sheet. The product line has the advantages of good selection, advanced technology and reasonable structure, not only in large scale, flatness has excellent performance, but also in shape, surface treatment, color, installation system, there are many options. In addition, the panel in addition to the use of aluminum, but also according to customer needs to choose other materials, such as: copper, zinc, stainless steel, titanium, fire board, bell board, marble,

Manufacture of honeycomb aluminum

Honeycomb aluminum products are selected by the company's standard pre-roll coated high-grade aluminum alloy coil, combined with a variety of production processes refined. The same time as

Honeycomb aluminum plate features

1, large board, high flat without any reinforcement measures, honeycomb board plate size up to 1500 * 5000mm, and can maintain an excellent flatness. The same time as

2, the weight of light honeycomb aluminum plate weight of only 5-5.5KG / square meters, greatly reducing the load bearing load. The same time as

3, high strength can withstand high-strength pressure Shear force, not easy to deformation, to meet the requirements of high-rise building wind pressure. The same time as

4, custom honeycomb panels in size, shape, paint and color, etc. can be tailored according to customer needs. The same time as

5, easy installation can be installed in any order, each wall can be a separate demolition, replacement, improve the flexibility of installation and maintenance, reduce costs. The same time as

6, the box structure of honeycomb aluminum cladding around the box-style structure, with good airtight, improve the safety and service life of honeycomb aluminum. The same time as

7, multi-purpose for building curtain wall, pillar, eaves, roof and outdoor ceiling.

Honeycomb aluminum products

First, the building curtain wall series of honeycomb panel system to the development of the aviation industry from the composite honeycomb technology, based on advanced technology so that the company can create a good strength and light weight of the wallboard products. The surface of the wallboard products is very flat, the width of the joints can be strictly controlled, which allows the architect to design a very flat surface of the very flat wall. In addition to the specific restrictions, the honeycomb aluminum plate is not standard size, all wall panels are designed according to the design drawings made from the factory. This mode of production gives the board a high degree of flexibility in size and shape, such as curved plates and flaps. This flexibility is widely used in practical applications because these boards can be installed on almost any keel and are extremely simple to install. The cellular aluminum system has become a complete multi-functional, highly competitive wallboard system. It provides these extremely practical solutions for almost all types of wall design.