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Aluminum Mesh Aluminum Mesh Use

Oct 20, 2017

Aluminum Mesh Aluminum mesh use

Steel plate network are generally hot-rolled plate and cold-rolled plate stamping, popular point that is iron, iron plate is the biggest drawback is easy to rust. So what can be done to prevent steel plate rust? We are generally through the surface treatment to prevent rust, we produce steel mesh are generally through the galvanized to prevent rust, that zinc is not easy to be corroded, steel mesh surface of the zinc in the oxidation of the surface can form a layer of oxide film, Effectively isolate the air and iron plate contact to achieve rust-proof effect. Can also spray, paint, spray paint, plastic steel mesh network will be more beautiful. Steel mesh in the usual use as far as possible away from the water and a lot of corrosion characteristics of things. Although the aluminum plate network is not afraid of water, but the aluminum plate network is easy to be oxidized, so the surface treatment of aluminum mesh is extremely important, anodizing, spray, paint, fluorocarbon coating is our common surface treatment. Decorative aluminum mesh ceiling advantage

Before the decoration is almost a look, the roof wall brush white to get away, save money and convenient. But with the progress of society, people's tastes are getting higher and higher, the general roof style more and more can not meet the needs of people, yearning for a better life. And now people will buy a house almost a lifetime, so that people want to make their home more warm and beautiful. Now the ceiling of the material is varied, gypsum board, wood, metal sheet, etc., we have to say is decorated with aluminum mesh, decorative aluminum mesh used in the ceiling when called aluminum ceilings, aluminum grille, etc., his characteristics are many First, his load capacity than the general material of the ceiling material higher than the first, second, environmental protection, even if used for many years after the recycling can be used, because the metal almost all have this feature. Third, you can design a variety of shapes, and then spray a variety of paint to shape, such as sprayed on the blue paint will make people feel low-key quiet, very suitable for this color in the bedroom. It is suitable for use in commercial shops, office buildings, airports, subways or home decorations, and so on. Now the ceiling is more integrated ceiling, and decorative aluminum mesh is even more wise choice. Aluminum mesh is made by the latest technology cutting and stretching

The most common aluminum mesh is a diamond-shaped hole, and other holes are hexagonal, triangular, fish scales and so on. Aluminum plate network to the original selection of the latest technology by cutting the expansion of the made, the aluminum mesh network body is more concise and strong bearing capacity. Aluminum mesh Uses: mainly used for range hoods, air conditioners, air conditioning filters, antennas, flies and a variety of car decoration with the network. Aluminum plate net selection of the latest technology made by cutting and stretching, the net body is more concise and strong bearing capacity. Hole type: common is diamond-shaped hole, and other holes are hexagonal, triangular, fish scales and so on. Can be used for construction vessels, bridges, boilers and other means, pedal, can also be used as pouring cement and light construction materials, ribs, and a variety of vehicles, air compressors and other thermal hood and mechanical transmission shield, sound, Equipment, air conditioning equipment, satellite antenna, outdoor furniture, machinery and equipment protection, road guardrail, building decoration, the way to the road of non-slip and so on.