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Aluminum Rectangular Hollow Budget Must Take Into Account Three Aspects

Feb 22, 2017

1. main material of the budget. An area of measurement can accurately estimate the number of aluminum rectangular hollow concrete, and then depending on the aluminum ceiling structure and a certain loss. Aluminum rectangular hollow size is the key to prices of aluminum rectangular hollow, so the exact amount of aluminum rectangular hollow to estimate the main material of specific costs.
2. auxiliary budgets. Aluminum rectangular hollow DPM includes corner, keel, hanging pieces, screws, hangers, and other parts, usually on the basis of these auxiliary aluminium box section sheet set, so measure the actual application of aluminum rectangular hollow after a number of auxiliary can be based on the ratio of budget costs.
3. labour cost budget. Labor costs are based on the number of used aluminum rectangular hollow of, for example, a square meter of aluminum rectangular hollow installation cost is generally around 15 Yuan, if the special shape aluminum rectangular hollow, aluminium lining ceiling installation costs will generally be increased to 20-30 yuan.