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Aluminum Solid Panel Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Profiles

Jun 07, 2017

The use of aluminum extrusion profiles for the box, the tiles, fan production of the door known as the aluminum alloy door, referred to as aluminum doors. Including aluminum alloy for the rod (bear and transfer weight and load the rod) substrate and wood, plastic composite door, referred to as aluminum composite doors, aluminum composite doors.

The aluminum panel is lighter because the density is 2.7 g / cm3 and the zinc is 7.1 g / cm3. Processing of the aluminum plate of the higher strength, and now many cars are made of aluminum wheels are used. Aluminum plastic toughness better, can withstand a certain deformation, not easy to bad. But the strength of zinc alloy is still possible.

The test results of the practical design method of aluminum alloy roof panel were carried out according to the failure type and characteristics of the experimental observation and the correlation calculation theory. The experimental results and experimental data reveal that the forward loading and disruption of the aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roof is mainly the result of the joint action. The reverse loading failure is the connection failure of the aluminum alloy bearing and the board, and the bearing capacity is low. This paper summarizes and validates the calculation formula of aluminum alloy panel and support based on the experimental data. Formed a set of aluminum alloy panel design method.

Aluminum alloy panel with light weight, good appearance, corrosion resistance, after the completion of the need for maintenance, etc., vertical support point of the roof structure in the form of waterproof and good, automatic release of temperature stress and so on, and so the roof system Over the past few years at home and abroad widely used. But because of its destruction of the type and characteristics of the study in the country is almost blank, the design calculation are used foreign enterprise standards, foreign design specifications or even direct application of China's cold-formed thin-walled steel structure technical specifications. This situation may lead to waste of material because it is not suitable for China's national conditions, and may lead to structural safety problems.

In this paper, the experimental and theoretical analysis of the aluminum roofing system supported by the vertical bar is widely used. The mechanical properties of the panel are observed, the type and characteristics of the failure are summarized, and the design method is put forward.

Aluminum alloy panel test content: (1) to study the aluminum alloy roof panels in the dead load, live load, wind load and other uniform load under the ultimate bearing capacity; (2) look at the vertical locking point support roof system used in the fixed support (3) to examine the deflection of aluminum alloy roof panels; (4) to examine the aluminum alloy upright lock point support roof system of wind resistance. The purpose of the test is to analyze the failure mechanism of aluminum alloy panel and its phenomenon, to determine the practical calculation method.