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Aluminum Solid Panel Decorative Effect

Aug 29, 2017

aluminum solid panel Decorative effect

Aluminum solid panel characteristics

The aluminum solid panel has the characteristics of light, easy processing, high durability, wide range of use, good decorative effect and rich effect. It is widely used in home appliances. The use of aluminum solid panel for the use of aluminum solid panel can be used to make various decorative plates as decorative materials.

The application range of aluminum solid panel in household electric appliance panel: lampblack machine, air conditioning, western small household appliance, electric heater, disinfection cabinet and so on.

Advantages of aluminum solid panel:

1. Stable color difference;

2. The protective layer is not cracked in bending.

3. Superior washing resistance;

4. The uv resistance is not discolored;

5. Super metal texture, high grade and beautiful;

6. Only one third of the proportion of stainless steel;

7. Scratch resistant;

8. Leave no fingerprints after touch;

9. Antistatic and easy to clean;

Environmental level reaches food grade.

Aluminum oxide plate market development prospect is broad

According to forward-looking industry institute released "Chinese alumina industry production and marketing demand and investment analysis report, according to data to alumina in China in December 2016 in total output reached 60.83 million tons, up 7.94% from a year earlier, for the enterprise, the aluminum oxide industry development is also a good opportunity.

As the best in high-end aluminum manufacturer, has more than 10 years of senior technical production team, 2 coil automatic production line and 12 technical invention patent, the production of aluminum oxide has its own unique advantages.

1. Appearance: super metallic texture, rich color, various patterns and acceptable sample processing.

2. Processing: the aluminum oxide plate can be directly punched and formed, and the bending part can resist bursting.

3. Performance: washable, scratch-resistant, anti-static, easy to clean.

4. Color difference: 9 processing measures, effective control of color difference.

5. Delivery date: sufficient stock, short delivery time, 2 production lines can reach 1500 tons.