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Aluminum Solid Panel How To Classify

Nov 01, 2017

aluminum solid panel How to classify

With the rapid development of economic construction and the extensive application of aluminum products, the domestic aluminum processing industry has also made quite proud of the results, aluminum rolling materials, aluminum rolling material production has also been greatly improved. Although aluminum has been filled in all aspects of our lives, but for the aluminum plate how to classify and how to make, many people still know less.

Generally we are talking about the aluminum is a collectively, refers to the use of aluminum or aluminum alloy made of aluminum plate material. The classification of aluminum is determined by the different processing methods used in the production process. Aluminum plate made of flat aluminum embryo by heating, rolling extension, straightening, solid solution aging heat caused by the process of manufacturing.

First, embossed aluminum:

Embossed aluminum plate is based on the aluminum plate rolling and other processing, making the aluminum surface to form a variety of patterns of an aluminum plate. Embossed aluminum is mainly used in packaging, integrated ceiling, building curtain wall and so on.

Second, drawing aluminum:

The main process of drawing aluminum plate has three parts, namely deesterification, sand mill and washing. Aluminum material in the drawing process, the first use of sandpaper for repeated friction line treatment, aluminum surface after treatment will clearly show a subtle silk marks, so as to achieve the effect of metal wire drawing, and then also through the anode Treatment, which will be in the aluminum surface to produce a special metal composition of the coating layer, can play a protective effect such as anti-corrosion.

Third, the alumina plate:

Anodic aluminum plate formation through an electrolytic oxidation process. First of all, the aluminum plate should be placed in the electrolyte as the anode, and then under certain conditions through the current electrolysis oxidation process, and finally in the aluminum surface to form a thin layer of alumina. This seems to be very simple to say, but in fact the domestic general aluminum enterprises used in the ordinary oxidation production process, the process is more complex, and defective rate is relatively high.

Four, mirror aluminum:

Mirror aluminum plate through the rolling technology, as well as grinding and other methods for processing, in order to make the aluminum surface showing a mirror effect. Developed countries, the production of mirror aluminum are generally used to roll the way to make coil material. Aluminum plate after a variety of processing methods can form a wide range of aluminum, and processing methods of good or not also determines the quality of aluminum quality is good or bad, and the level of grade.