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Aluminum Solid Panel Peripheral Protection

Sep 07, 2017

aluminum solid panel Peripheral protection

In fact, the aluminum plate data in the past 10 years, the authorities micro-control, China's steel, cement, nonferrous metals and other industries continue to be defined as "overcapacity" industry, and is applied to the relatively serious site, tax, project approval And other property policies. Rapid economic development, which to China's construction industry to bring development opportunities. The decoration of the external walls has been increasingly valued by people. Composite aluminum curtain wall as a new type of external wall decoration materials, in the beautiful, color, color, durability, leveling, modeling have reached an updated level for the architect to create a design to provide a broad imagination. At the same time composite aluminum curtain wall and has a convenient processing, construction speed and other characteristics, more and more by the construction industry and people of all ages.

  Composite aluminum curtain wall function is mostly outside the building decoration and outer care type, that is, the building itself has an ordinary brick or other types of wall. In addition to its installation of composite aluminum curtain wall in addition to its own decorative role of the building, but also on the building to play a role in foreign protection. This aluminum curtain wall itself requires a better wind pressure, watertight, air tightness and weathering sealing system. Composite aluminum curtain wall in the production and installation should be checked before the construction design drawings, and should be re-measured buildings, according to the results of the original design to be adjusted before processing and assembly. Processing curtain wall components used by the equipment, equipment should be able to meet the processing requirements of the curtain wall components, the measuring tool should be regularly measured test.

  Composite aluminum edge of the split wall in addition to considering the decorative effect, but also should consider its wind deformation capacity. The curtain wall is mainly subjected to wind load, and its wind resistance deformation depends on the thickness of the board, aspect ratio, fulcrum spacing and bearing conditions. If the aluminum curtain wall facade is too large, the thickness of the thickness and length and width of the size of the two directions compared to much smaller, so that the plate under the action of the wind load prone to deflection deformation, affecting the overall effect of the curtain wall. If the design is improper, but also in the board to leave irreversible plastic deformation. In the plate control applications, the general multi-integrated consideration of various factors, and then according to the actual sample testing and experience to determine the panel structure of the fixed support and plate after the location and number of ribs.

  Alloy aluminum plate is in the aluminum processing process by adding a variety of alloy elements to improve the mechanical properties of aluminum and chemical indicators. So how to maintain the aluminum alloy?

  1, alloy aluminum plate in the storage, prohibited with chemical information and wetting information with the deposit.

  2, aluminum alloy in the transport process, to cover with a sheet of cloth, to guard against the invasion of rain and snow.

  3, alloy aluminum storage environment should be boring, bright, ventilated, non-corrosive climate.

  4, aluminum in the handling process, it is necessary to gently, beware of bumps caused by the appearance of bumps, affecting the appearance of beautiful.

  5, alloy aluminum plate in the storage, the proposed small standard on the shelf, a large standard aluminum plate best storage method is at the bottom with a mat and ground separation, and the distance from the ground is greater than 10CM.