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Aluminum Solid Panels Different Surface Treatment Features

Nov 18, 2017

Aluminum veneer is a kind of high-end metal decoration material which is made of high-quality aluminum plate, which is formed by the processes of material opening, bending, welding, grinding and assembling. The main structure of a panel, ribs, angle code.

Aluminum veneer surface rich and varied colors, coating uniform, with excellent corrosion resistance, the surface is not easily defiled, easy to clean and maintain.

The following is the different veneer aluminum surface treatment:

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer coating excellent performance

1, Surface coating excellent weather resistance and UV resistance, lasting color stability, not easy to fade.

2, high acid and alkali resistance, can withstand the harsh environment of the wind and sun.

3, good adhesion, high toughness, impact resistance, stain resistance, clean coating, easy to clean.

4, a wide range of colors, bright and beautiful, good texture. A monochrome paint, metallic paint, to maximize customer satisfaction.

Wood veneer coating performance

1, exquisite appearance, rich wood pattern, the effect is lifelike, the texture is clear.

2, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, hardness and strength are solid wood can not be compared.

3, rust, damage, UV.

4, long life, can maintain 10-15 years does not change color, no deformation.

5, environmental protection, protect the ecological environment, reduce the waste of material resources.

Stone aluminum veneer has a marble material with water repellency and corrosion resistance of various chemical solvents.

Its high fire resistance, in the fire will not produce toxic gases due to combustion. High structural stability, self-cleaning, color diversification.

Polyester powder aluminum veneer made of polyester resin powder coating, because of its excellent weatherability, commonly known as weathering powder coating.

Polyester paint Aluminum veneer with polyester paint sprayed aluminum veneer, polyester paint film fullness, hard layer thickness, can be divided into: high light, light, half Asia, matte.

True stone paint is a kind of decorative effect resembles marble, granite paint, mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors, firmly sticking to the aluminum veneer, hard as stone, looks more like natural stone.

Authentic Shiqi aluminum veneer with natural real natural color, gives the elegant, harmonious, dignified beauty, suitable for all types of buildings, indoor and outdoor decoration.

Anodized aluminum veneer surface treatment technology is different from the ordinary painting technology, it through the current conductive acid electrolyte electrolysis, the anode aluminum metal surface oxidation occurred in the aluminum surface naturally grow a thick and fine oxidation Aluminum protective film, this layer of oxide film is not an additional layer, will not fall off.

Anodized aluminum veneer strong sense of the metal: the anodized aluminum veneer appearance of high hardness, up to gem grade, good scratch resistance, the appearance of no paint cover to retain the aluminum metal color.

Anodized aluminum board stain resistance: easy to clean, simple to protect, without leaving fingerprints, simple cleaning, corrosion mottling does not occur.

Printed aluminum veneer is the art of hollow aluminum veneer, art form aluminum veneer outside the art forms of aluminum veneer products, the appearance of exquisite, rich patterns, lifelike clarity of color texture, graphics firm wear-resistant to meet the Architectural decoration of different artistic expressions requirements.