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Aluminum Special Shape Panel Metal Flow Direction

Jun 14, 2017

Aluminum Special Shape Panel Metal flow direction

There are many shapes of aluminum: round, square, alien, flat, how is it done? It depends on the extrusion of aluminum out. According to the stress-strain state, metal flow direction, lubrication state, extrusion temperature, extrusion speed and the structure of the equipment, the type or structure of the mold and the material of the billet Shape or number, the shape or number of products, and the like. Extrusion methods can be divided into the following methods, these methods are not static, many classification methods can be classified as a breakdown. 1, according to the lubrication state points: no lubrication extrusion, lubrication extrusion, glass lubrication extrusion, the ideal lubrication extrusion (hydrostatic extrusion). 2, according to the extrusion temperature points: cold extrusion, temperature extrusion, hot extrusion. 3, according to the shape or number of billet: bar extrusion, pipe extrusion, solid aluminum extrusion, hollow aluminum extrusion, variable section aluminum extrusion, single product extrusion (single hole die extrusion), more Product extrusion (porous die extrusion). 4, according to the direction of extrusion points: can be divided into positive extrusion, reverse extrusion, lateral extrusion. 5, according to the deformation characteristics: plane deformation extrusion, axisymmetric deformation extrusion, the general three-dimensional deformation extrusion. 6, according to the type of equipment: vertical extrusion, horizontal extrusion, continuous extrusion. 7, according to the mold type or mold structure points: die extrusion, cone die extrusion, shunt die pressure, with perforated needle extrusion.

Aluminum plating process, which belongs to the coating technology It is in the conventional titanium plating process on the basis of pre-plating and electroplating process steps, aluminum process is the activation of the plating parts placed in salt and hydrochloric acid in aqueous solution for chemical treatment; The process of the bath components include nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, boric acid, sodium dodecyl sulfate, saccharin, brightener, the process has a simple, practical, good effect, the process of titanium alloy made of its film Layer hardness HV ≈ 1500, under the same conditions than the plating 22K gold wear 150 times, can be processed into various forms of gold, color, black and other bright series of aluminum products.

Brushed aluminum is made of aluminum plate, the use of drawing wheel, drawing belt or nylon ring with the surface treatment, pull out the required texture, the whole process of de-ester, sand mill, washed three processes. Drawing process can cover the surface of aluminum is not perfect defects, and make it more ornamental.

As we all know, aluminum surface is very easy to scratch, and poor weather resistance, a long time will be air oxidation, become foggy white. And after drawing the aluminum plate, in addition to cover the texture of their own aluminum to make it more beautiful, the performance without any improvement, so if the brushed aluminum as the appearance of decorative pieces, it is necessary to be oxidized to enhance the surface of aluminum Corrosion resistance, wear resistance.