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Broad Prospects For Aluminum Processing

Feb 22, 2017

1. national of aluminum processing total of supply and demand situation from China Asia-Pacific in the Dragon Company Research Department of a copies market development research report can see, China electrolytic aluminum and aluminum processing industry are to synchronization, and high-speed development electrolytic aluminum, and aluminum processing material, and aluminum material need volume of statistics and the forecast volume table 1 annual 2006 2007 2008 2009 electrolytic aluminum production 9.35 million tons 12.8 million tons 15.5 million tons 16.2 million tons aluminum processing material production 8.79 million tons 10 million tons 12 million tons 14 million tons aluminum material need volume 8.67 million to 12.2 million tonnes of 14.6 million tons of 16.8 million tons from table 1:
1, aluminium ingot production and aluminum production are high speed development, and electrolytic aluminum production is greater than the output of aluminum, countries limit the export of aluminum ingots, the raw material for aluminum electrolytic aluminum is guaranteed, is conducive to the development of aluminum processing.
2, aluminum and aluminum production is also synchronous high speed development, and requires more than aluminum production, ensure aluminum processing market, and further promote the development of aluminum industry.
2. the heyday of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for architecture into 1, the construction industry is the biggest market of aluminum alloy extruded profiles in 2006, 2.1 billion square meters, 54 million square metres of curtain wall, aluminium doors and Windows, 51% plastic window 35%, and other 8%.