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Curtain Wall Hollow Aluminum Board Practicality

Nov 17, 2017

Curtain wall hollow aluminum as a carving art, need exquisite and delicate craftsmanship. The designer skillfully integrated this element into modern architectural decoration, bringing us stylish and individualized art deco. Engraving plate can be extended continuously into the plane of the sense of space, with light, breathable role.

Different patterns, the size of the hole-type changes with the surface to produce dynamic, combined with different shape of the environment for special-shaped processing, and the other lines are more crisp, elegant, breaking the traditional concept of modeling, more suitable for a variety of modern senior clubs, office and other Occasion, for the vibrant fashion family has opened up endless thinking space, it is practical and beautiful new decorative forms.

Misunderstanding 1: carved hollow aluminum aluminum veneer for indoor decoration ceilings, screens, partitions and so on. Worried about hollow aluminum veneer for outdoor use, easy to deform.

Carved hollow aluminum veneer is mainly composed of panels, ribs and ear hanging composition, the use of fluorocarbon spray, and advanced CNC bending technology to ensure that the plate can be formed after processing is not deformed, the aluminum veneer in the process of anti-external force performance Outstanding.

Lifting the ear can be directly from the surface bending stamping, but also in the panel riveted corner code molding. The stiffener and the rear panel of the panel are welded together with the panel to form a solid unit that greatly enhances the strength and stiffness of the aluminum panel. Ensure the long-term use of the product in the formation and wind resistance.

Misunderstanding 2: carved hollow aluminum veneer can only achieve a simple pattern, can not be processed into complex patterns.

The new introduction of hollow cutting technology, the aluminum according to the designer's graphics cutting, process accuracy, does not damage the surface, the workpiece in the cooling state when cutting, deformation, smooth cutting surface without thorns, burr-free, small cutting Feng , Sophisticated technology, high accuracy, good quality, suitable for all kinds of high precision, complex maps, large maps, contour maps, graphs and other complicated pattern cutting.

Carved hollow aluminum veneer can be processed into a variety of different shapes and sizes of non-standard aluminum, hollow aluminum veneer can be customized according to the requirements of the designer into a variety of smallpox, curtain wall, including columns and other patterns.

Misunderstanding 3: excessive pursuit of cost savings and reduce the thickness of aluminum.

According to the national standard, aluminum veneer with a thickness of less than 2.0mm can not be used for exterior decoration. After carved hollow aluminum veneer, with the characteristics of the air than ordinary aluminum wall veneer affected by the wind more, if less than the thickness, there will be deformation. Recommended outdoor use carved hollow aluminum veneer thickness control in 2.5mm above.