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Daily Aluminum Veneer Installation Tips

Feb 22, 2017

1, according to the same level received corner installed.
2, according to different requirements of different skeleton, such as: L50*50*5mm angle fixed, embedded aluminium pendant, and according to the different products have different methods.
3, pre-installed in Gusset Plate hanging on the keel, together with the Gusset Plate close to the light steel keel the keel vertical button below the light steel keel, ceiling joist spacing according to the Board to determine the size of all loading must be adjusted to the level.
4, the deduction in the keel plate order, each Finish button one, will be locked in under pressure, keel connections connections for the connection.
5, the Board must wear gloves when installing, in case of leaving fingerprints or stains, use detergent wash and wipe dry.