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Pipe Insulating Aluminum Skin Good Or Tin Are Advantage

Feb 22, 2017

Pipeline insulation aluminum skin good or Tin is good? We can from it of advantages and disadvantages for compared, insulation aluminum skin it is by aluminum material made of, aluminum material of share to small, quality more light, aluminum skin of hardness also not is big, is easy bent, processing up is convenient, and aluminum skin for infrared has is good of reflection capacity, using years is long, General can using 20 years above, so said is very good of insulation material. Metal performance worse, mostly rust, heavy, high hardness, from the standpoint of construction, would not choose insulation metal, more is the use of insulating aluminum skin, comprehensive cost is calculated, less cost of insulating aluminum skin.
Insulation aluminum skin of advantage main has so points: a, and thickness thin, quality light; because insulation aluminum skin in production making of when added has many of other elements in, increased has aluminum skin of toughness, and not easy rust, plus aluminum material itself of physico-chemical nature good, so insulation aluminum material quality is light, only need is thin of a layer on can has; II, and insulation aluminum skin more save money, save money main is weight small, transport cost low; easy operation, artificial cost less, thickness thin of words not need many of aluminum skin, and insulation aluminum skin more cheap Three insulation corrosion of aluminum skin is not easy, and has a long service life, generally for more than 20 years, will not change color, gloss is good, so is very popular.