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Punched Aluminum Veneer

Feb 22, 2017

Punched aluminum veneer made up mainly of punch, punch and the color of the shape, and differ from ordinary aluminum veneer punched aluminium plate is penetrated, without sealing, mostly applied to Interior, exterior design and special applications.
Determines whether the punched aluminium plate appearance is an important condition of shape of the punch. Aluminum sheet punching can be designed according to the actual needs of round, square, and so on all kinds of shapes and larger mesh, aluminum sheet, the lower the quality of light, weaker resistance to stress, which affects the use of site, so customers according to their needs to the design grid the size of the hole. Punching rate determines patterns of intensity, often not conducive to the process, too wide an unattractive appearance, so the punch must be uniform. Different places the color you want is different to achieve aesthetic effects are different, so the color is an important factor determining aesthetically.