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Wood Grain Aluminum Surface Treatment

Feb 22, 2017

PE wood grain transfer printing membrane vacuum most of the current wood grain transfer printing is PE TT wood grain film transfer to aluminum by automatic packing machine into tubular bags. From the ends of the tubular PE transfer film for bag vacuum until PE transfer film were able to sufficiently close to the aluminum. Vacuum negative-pressure based on transfer of aluminum shape and PE transfer film can withstand the negative pressure adjust, usually in the 0.3~ 0.6Mpa. Will have good vacuum aluminum to oven curing, curing temperature of and the length of time according to transfer aluminum shapes, to transfer the grain texture depth adjust factors, usually transfer temperature 180 ℃, time was 10-15 minutes. Launch has been transferred from the oven aluminum, automatic blowing PE transfer film for bagging blow, after cooling, remove residual PE transfer film.